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Can't get any modems to work

     Maybe it's me, the modems, or the ports I'm trying to use. I tried
cua1, as well as intelligent serial
on ttysa.( Digi Portserver ][ serial-telnet port attached to /dev/ttysa
) cua1 seems to be flakey as I can't
get simple devices to work right. /dev/ttysa works fine until faxsend
tries to config the modem for faxing.
At that point, the rtty daemon for serial port 26(which is telnet-nailed
to ttysa) dies and the modem gets
the boot. I have to redo that port again and play with the modem until
it responds to echo'd AT
commands. I have no problems with dial-out, dial-in, printers, or
terminals on the same type of serial
ports. Anyone have any ideas what to do?? I have everything working
fine, except the dern modem.

           Glen aka Ryengoth

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