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Re: Attachments in proprietary formats (i.e. Word)

Wout Mertens wrote:

> But now that I have contacted you, I would much rather just extend WHFC to
> accept attachments.
> The best way IMHO would be to accept a list of files and let WHFC print
> those. This minimizes the user work involved. I have outlined a way to do
> this in the mailing list.


WHFC itselve will not process any documents. I don't want to implement
such a processing since WHFC is a client, wich simply sends
postscript or tiff/g3 to the HylaFAX server and gives a user interface
to the server.
> An alternative, and very simple, too, is to wait with sending the job until
> the user says it can be sent, and in the mean while accept all print jobs,
> and send these as attachments. As I said, I would be happy to help you code
> it, I just need to have the feature :)
> In fact, I think that both methods could be equally useful (e.g. when you
> want to fax part of a picture vs. you want to fax ten documents), so maybe
> it is best to have both methods?

You can write an own programm/macro which merges all the documents
attachements etc and prints them out in a single postscript file.
You can use the OLE interface from WHFC to send this file
to the HylaFAX server.

I have currently no idea how to do such a document process wich you
have described in your previous mails.


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