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Re: Who is maintaining FAQ?

George Zeigler wrote:
> Hello,
>         I wrote a HOW-TO for SuSE users.  It's been a while and I haven't heard
> anything back as to whether it is useful are not.  Would like to know.

Hello George, 

I think your FAQ is good. Here a few annotations:

>Step 1:    The SuSE manual mentioned two methods of faxing
>     A.    mgetty+faxgetty
 You mean mgetty+sendfax
>      B.    HylaFax

> Step 4:
>     C.    Reboot!    (same later , chapter G.)  
not necessary. If you change inittab then "telinit q" 
(or kill -HUP <id inetd> ) to 
refresh. If you want to start/ stop something then 
do /etc/rc.d/<name> start/ stop

go on!


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