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RE: problems with sendfax -i

Everyone -

I too am having a similar problem.

However to see the JobTag information one would have to _change_ the jobfmt
that is used by faxstat.

For example to display the JobTag information first you would need to change
the jobfmt to read
jobfmt:"%6J %-3j %3i %1a %6.6o %-12.12e %5P %5D %7z %.25s"
(add the above line to ~/.hylarc file)
to use the output from Brett's original email this would result in the
following output:
JobTag JID  Pri S  Owner Number       Pages Dials     TTS Status
       43   127 D   root 8220666       1:1   1:12         
       47   127 D   root 8220666       1:1   1:12         
       48   127 D   root 8220666       1:1   1:12 
       49   127 D   root 8220666       1:1   1:12

Yes, you've guessed it! You still won't see the job tag that you have

I added -v -v to sendfax, submitted a job with various switches including -f
etc. and whilst most other JPARMs can be seen in the exchange with hfaxd
"JPARM JOBINFO" is conspicuous by its absence. The culprit _appears_ to be a
line in: SendFaxJob.c++
    IFPARM("JOBINFO", jobtag, "")
this would appear to expand to:
{ if ((jobtag) != ("")) CHECKPARM(a,b) }
and then to:
{ if ((jobtag) != ("")) CHECK(client.jobParm("JOBINFO",jobtag)) }
and finally to:
{ if ((jobtag) != ("")) { if (!(client.jobParm("JOBINFO",jobtag))) goto
failure; } }

Two things strike me about this ...
1) The definition of CHECKPARM should probably be:
#define	CHECKPARM(a,b)	CHECK(client.jobParm((a),(b)))
2) The comparison ((jobtag) != ("")) is failing, though I can't see why.

I hope this is all some help to someone.

I haven't signed up to the mailing list (yet).

Toodle pip,
"... the fundamental design flaws were completely hidden by the superficial
design flaws ..." - Douglas Adams; So Long And Thanks For All The Fish.

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