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RE: WHFC Hangs

I figured out this one myself after pulling out my hair for a few hours.  I
have discovered that WHFC conflicts with BlackICE.  BlackICE is a hacker
contermeasure program that monitors your computer for known hacks and
suspicious requests from the Internet.  (Go to networkice.com if you want
more info.  Note, I am not affiliated in any way with this company.)

Well, it seems BlackICE did not like the Telnet like behaviour between WHFC
and the HylaFAX server on port 4559.  So it intervened thinking someone was
trying to Telnet into my machine through an unusual port.

After removing BlackICE, the WHFC client is connecting fine.  I have
contacted the BlackICE people so they can fix their product to work with


--- Charles

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Has anyone had to deal with the WHFC client hanging at startup?

The program actually connects to the server.  In the bottom right corner I
get the message that "HylaFAX(tm) Version 4.1beta1 ready" and then
everything just freezes.

I also tested telnetting to the WHFC server and that worked successfully as
well.  I can send FAXes successfully from the server, so HylaFAX is setup

My machine:  Win98 SE with all updates installed.  Office 2000 Premium.  And
that is about it.

I appreciate any advice or reference to docs that deal with this.


--- Charles

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