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Re: Modem Freezes Line Open at ANSWER: FAX CONNECTION

Jeff Hill:
>With Debian Hylafax package 4.0.2-12 running on Linux kernel
>2.0.36, I've gotten everything set up, but can't get the modem
>to get past the "ANSWER: FAX CONNECTION". It'll answer and
>then just freeze with the line open, never going any further,
>never dropping the line.
>Hylafax also creates a partial tif file in

Ah, again. We had this one before. :-)

Likely you are using a TIFF library newer than 3.4, e.g. 3.5.2 or
3.5.3. Recapture this mailing list (there is a browser for it on
www.hylafax.org), and you will see that going back to TIFF-3.4 will
solve this issue.


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