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Re: reset command is wrong !!

> with Boca SE1440 ISA modem, firmware 1.04.
> I have found something which I think is a glaring bug.
> faxsend does:
> Feb  7 21:06:28 gate FaxSend[12347]: <-- [16:ATZE0V1Q0S0=0H0\r]

As far as I can tell this sequence could only get sent by the release
version (2.0pl2) if it was included in a custom modem configuration
file.  As such, the failure of some modems to accept additional
commands after ATZ is irrelevant.  There are no stock modem descriptions
that include such a sequence.

If this is new, I think it is either a problem with the beta version,
or a new modem description added by Debian, yourself, or the beta

In my view, one should never use ATZ in these circumstances, but always
start from factory defaults.

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