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Re: WHFC and submit job date

i looked at that format but there is not the date...

                 A         Destination SubAddress
                 B         Destination Password
                 C         Destination company name
                 D         Total # dials/maximum # dials
                 E         Desired signalling rate
                 F         Client-specific tagline format string
                 G         Desired min-scanline time
                 H         Desired data format
                 I         Client-specified scheduling priority
                 J         Client-specified job tag string
                 K         Desired use of ECM
                 L         Destination geographic location
                 M         Notification e-mail address
                 N         Desired use of private tagline (one-character
                 O         Whether to use continuation cover page
(one-character symbol)
                 P         # pages transmitted/total # pages to transmit
                 Q         Client-specified minimum acceptable signalling
                 R         Destination person (receiver)
                 S         Sender's identity
                 T         Total # tries/maximum # tries
                 U         Page chopping threshold (inches)
                 V         Job done operation
                 W         Communication identifier
                 X         Job type (one-character symbol)
                 a         Job state (one-character symbol)
                 b         # consecutive failed tries
                 c         Client machine name
                 d         Total # dials
                 e         Public (external) format of dialstring
                 f         # consecutive failed dials
                 g         Group identifier
                 h         Page chop handling (one-character symbol)
                 i         Current scheduling priority
                 j         Job identifier
                 k         Job kill time
                 l         Page length in mm
                 m         Assigned modem
                 n         E-mail notification handling (one-character
                 o         Job owner
                 p         # pages transmitted
                 q         Job retry time (MM::SS)
                 r         Document resolution in lines/inch
                 s         Job status information from last failure
                 t         Total # tries attempted
                 u         Maximum # tries
                 v         Client-specified dialstring
                 w         Page width in mm
                 x         Maximum # dials
                 y         Total # pages to transmit
                 z         Time to send job

I can to see only the retry date..but if te fax go the first time?


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