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Re: Debugging advice please


Thanks - I was using the command line ftp.  I did have a problem with
permissions but solved that.  So, more accurately, I get different results
from hfaxd depending on whether I use:

- command line ftp
- Netscape
- the KDE mail client

I cannot retrieve files from the received fax folder.

I have pointed the various clients at other files within the Hylafax
directory structure. Sometimes you strike lucky and a file is retrievable.
There appears, at my level of knowledge, to be no difference in ownership or
permissions between a file that will retrieve and one that won't

Netscape also uniquely sometimes returns a listing of file permissions
instead of the directory contents.

This is all very mystifying - hence my need for more advice and the interest
in digging into the code.


on 2/9/00 8:34 AM, David Woolley at david@djwhome.demon.co.uk wrote:

>> I have found that when trying to retrieve faxes, hylafax returns different
>> results depending on whether I use an email client, Netscape or ftp - none
> GUI ftps are likely to fail as the ftp protocol doesn't specify the
> format of directory listings.  For command line FTPs you should be able
> to turn on debugging in the FTP client.
> The usual problem with ftp is that the default file permissions don't
> allow reading.

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