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Re: tsi problem

Hi Manuel!

Ive got the same problem 2 days ago here. 

A nice guy (see quoted post below) managed this problem only by uncommenting 

I also have the problem, that I want to receive a TSI like "", but 
nevertheless TSI-checking would be appreciated to block some spam-faxes here 
that have TSI.

Perhaps anyone else in this list has an idea?!

best regards

Juergen Anzer

>Hi Mark,
>Ive seen you on the HylaFAX-Mailing-List-Archive and Im stuck with the
>same problem ...
>> RECV FAX (00009256): recvq/fax01299.tif
>> RECV FAX: Permission denied (unacceptable client TSI)
>My etc/tsi looks like:
>How do I manage to match a null TSI?

I was unable to work this out.  So in the end I simply disabled the TSI
matching all together and allowed all faxes.  which is what you'd expect ^.*$
to do anyway.

I had tried:

Simply edited the config.serialport (/var/spool/fax/etc/config.cuaa0)
and commented the following line:

QualifyTSI:            etc/tsi


Manuel Trujillo wrote:
> Hi to all.
> My name is Manuel Trujillo, and write from Barcelona (Spain).
> I've got the hylafax soft in a Debian Linux box, and work fine. But I have a
> problem with tsi; when I recieve a call with the number occult by the
> sender, the tsi reject the call.
> In my tsi file, in /etc/hylafax, I've put the string ^.*$, for accept all
> calls.
> Anyone have a idea about this? I need to recieve faxes if the sender's
> numberfax is occult. Can help me, please?
> I put my email address in the CC field. Please, respect this, because I'm
> not subscribe in this list.
> Thank's, and... excuse me my bad english... ;-)
>                                    \|/ ____ \|/
> Have a nice day  ;-)               "@'/ ,. \'@"
> TooManySecrets                     /_| \__/ |_\
>                                       \__U_/

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