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Re: tsi problem

> ago and again was totally ignored. Seems that there is no people in this
> list interested in fixing bugs and futher development. "hylafax-devel"

I think you will find that there is a general trend in free software
towards the majority of users being only consumers of fixes.  A few
will diagnose and fix problems that impact them, and even fewer will
do this altruistically.  Given the relatively small number of serious
users of Hylafax, and the fact that many have been using it for a
long time without problems, the number of altruistic fixers is 
probably ~< 1!

Support is one of the most expensive items for commercial software

Looks like you may have to volunteer as the person to consolidate fixes,
although that will still leave a problem with people who want things but
can't provide them themselves.

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