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modem: Texas Instruments-Chipset


has somebody support for a modem with TI 
(Texas Instruments) Chipset ? (arowana modem)

faxaddmodem (hylafax-v4.0pl2-52) doesn´t 
support it. I have problems to configure
this box.

Does newer version on hylafax supports it perhaps ?

in fax/config there are no examples for this 
chipset. Has somebody an example and can mail 
it to me ?

My problems are explicitely
   -Sending faxes: the receiver gets fine strokes
          when using Class 2.0 (Class 1 works)
   -faxgetty recognises always FAX CONNECTION 
    although it is a data call. 

BTW: Data-connection with minicon is posible.
     and: my old modem 14,4 (Rockwell-Chipset)
          works fine, no problems.


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