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Re: tsi problem

Nico Kadel-Garcia <raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu> writes:

> > I think you will find that there is a general trend in free software
> > towards the majority of users being only consumers of fixes.  A few
> > will diagnose and fix problems that impact them, and even fewer will
> > do this altruistically.  Given the relatively small number of serious
> > users of Hylafax, and the fact that many have been using it for a
> > long time without problems, the number of altruistic fixers is 
> > probably ~< 1!
> ??? What are you and I, and our other faithful maintainers? Chopped
> liver?
> By the way: I'm leaving the MEEI, in order to work a new job elsewhere.
> I'll miss the research, but I am getting to play with *NEAT* toys and
> hackery, so it'll still be fun.
> My HylaFAX mailbox should change to:
> 	Nico Kadel-Garcia
> 	nkadel@bellatlantic.net
> 			Nico Kadel-Garcia
> 			raoul@cirl.meei.harvard.edu

So Nico, who is coordinating Hylafax development? E.g., who will decide if the
current beta has reached the release quality? Also,
- where should I send my fixes and possibly bug reports?
- who will accept or reject them?
- are the beta sources under CVS?

Thank you for your efforts.

Hope to hear from you soon,

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