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Re: login


> root@linux:/home/max > faxstat -s
> HylaFAX scheduler on linux.macrame.linux: Running
> Modem modem (+39.10.3747599): Running and idle
> Modem ttyS3 (+39.10.3745799): Running and idle  
	look in the directory
	Do you have two files
	If so, get rid of one of them.  You probably ran faxaddmodem a couple
of times, choosing modem one time then ttyS3 another time.  faxaddmodem creates
the config.{port} file.  If you like, get rid of both of them, and run
faxaddmodem afresh.  I would suggest not using the symbolic link modem so as to
avoid lock file problems.  If you decide to use ttyS3, then you will need to
set your ppp settings to /dev/ttyS3 as well.


> I know that the modem is one, but i can' t understand why i find the
> modem, and the link to the modem...
> Regards
> Massimo
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