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Suitable faxmodems for hylafax

Hi folks,

In an environment with moderate traffic - presently 20 to 40 incoming
faxes daily - we've had problems with T.2 timeout errors.  The Rockwell
based internal modem which we were using was having about two or three a
day. We tried a US Robotics Sportster 14.4 faxmodem and it got them down
to about one a day.  We'd like to eliminate this problem altogether as
well as the occasionally bizarre expansion of the size of the image to
about four times the size of the page.

We looked at the FAQ and the list of recommended modems and the best two
choices seem to be the Multitech 2834 series and the ZyXel.  We can't seem
to get ZyXel in Canada and I'm not sure about Multitech.

Can anyone recommend a currently available faxmodem which should allow us
to resolve this problem?

We're using the current version of hylafax.

Thanks very much.

James R. Hay				jrhay@haya.qc.ca
James R. Hay and Associates
P.O. Box 46003				ax25: ve2ve@ve2tcp#mtl.pq.can.noam
Pointe Claire, QC			amprnet: ve2ve@ve2tcp.ampr.org
H9R 5R4

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