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Re: HyaFax HOW-TO for SuSE users

Hi George,

Thank you for the updated version of the HOWTO. Thanks  to you it was easy
setting up the fax server on the hylafax side. On the server side I had some
problems, the disks were not spinning down for more then 10 minutes. This was
eventually solved by replacing flusbd or actually kernel-update with noflushd.
The problem was that the buffers were constantly flushed to disk. This flush to
disk takes it all over, it flushes to disk and then calls hdparm to spin down
the disk. 

The HOWTO is just perfect, I have very little to say about that. It works as you
say.  There are just a couple of things:
	I fully agree to the packages to be installed and to the upgrade of
SuSE 6.2 
	Under step 7B you have by etc/hosts localhost with
Maybe you could say also that for a LAN you could add e.g. or so.
Ofcourse this is obious but it could help someone new. 
	Then 7c I can not find "ModemDialCmd" in any of my config files. Maybe
this it special for a class 1 modem?
	One last but unimportant you have written HyaFax instead of HylaFax in

Maybe it would be a service if we add something to this HOWTO to set up a
server. Of course what I write above about the etc/hosts. Maybe a small word of
spinning disks with a link to The linux-laptop-HOWTO and ecology-HOWTO. That's
how I solved it. I think we should not write to much about that, first because
it is no HylaFax case, second there are already HOWTO's about the subject and a
common problem for me in Linux is that everything is written somewhere but
there just is to much i.e. you are unable to find it. 
I also set up a pop3 server on the fax server. I use SuSE-Fax for faxing but
just because not having to check two programs, I just check mail and I will
know if a fax is there. I created an account on the faxserver called faxrecip,
he receives all faxes. This "faxrecip"  his mail can be checked on all machines
on the LAN. 

Tell me what you think about it.

Maybe I will also have some details later, since my faxserver is not running
properly. When I send a fax, it makes contact, starts faxing but after a while
it stop and tries again, and again....
Receiving does not work also. I thougt it would be wise just to wait because
tomorrow I receive the modem which is actually going to be the fax modem. It is
an older one from a friend (Dynalink 33.6), he doesn't use it anymore. 
I hope I will be more lucky then.

You will be hearing from me,


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