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Re: Suitable faxmodems for hylafax

I purchased a USR Sportster v90 Faxmodem recently that performs flawlessly
at class 2.0.  No errors... ever :)

Chris Long
----- Original Message -----
From: James R. Hay <jrhay@HayA.QC.CA>
To: <flexfax@sgi.com>
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 12:43 AM
Subject: flexfax: Suitable faxmodems for hylafax

> Hi folks,
> In an environment with moderate traffic - presently 20 to 40 incoming
> faxes daily - we've had problems with T.2 timeout errors.  The Rockwell
> based internal modem which we were using was having about two or three a
> day. We tried a US Robotics Sportster 14.4 faxmodem and it got them down
> to about one a day.  We'd like to eliminate this problem altogether as
> well as the occasionally bizarre expansion of the size of the image to
> about four times the size of the page.
> We looked at the FAQ and the list of recommended modems and the best two
> choices seem to be the Multitech 2834 series and the ZyXel.  We can't seem
> to get ZyXel in Canada and I'm not sure about Multitech.
> Can anyone recommend a currently available faxmodem which should allow us
> to resolve this problem?
> We're using the current version of hylafax.
> Thanks very much.
> James R. Hay jrhay@haya.qc.ca
> James R. Hay and Associates
> P.O. Box 46003 ax25: ve2ve@ve2tcp#mtl.pq.can.noam
> Pointe Claire, QC amprnet: ve2ve@ve2tcp.ampr.org
> H9R 5R4

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