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Re: Suitable faxmodems for hylafax

Yours is a situation similar to ours.  Faxes have to be signed so that the
outgoing faxes are mostly on a machine.  The incoming faxes are on hylafax
because the fax machine can't handle the volume.  

Right now we're using a Supra modem which seems to be doing better.  It
may be that the guilty faxes aren't sending or we've down to every couple
of days there's a T.2 timeout.  We gat occasional COMREC got DCN but I'm
assuming that is a problem from the sender's end.  It isn't really a
problem though.  


On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Chris L. wrote:

> Fairly low volume. 10-15 / day received. I had tried other modems in the
> past using hylafax and other fax programs (WinFax :(  ) and had trouble with
> certain senders not being able to send anything. I was relieved to find that
> the USR worked perfect (so far). I was ready to spend much $$ on a
> brooktrout or other high end fax card (do they work any better?).
>     We rarely use send (sorry I forgot to mention) because our received
> faxes need to be signed and sent back most of the time.  Does anyone know
> how I can sign them electronically so I don't have to print them? (Linux
> server with WinNT clients). Right now they are mailed to user and viewed
> with gsview and then either trashed or printed, signed and faxed back using
> fax machine.

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