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Re: faxgetty hangs ...

Hi David,

On 15-Feb-00 David Woolley wrote:
> Assuming that you haven't changed the receive bit order, I'd suspect that
> you have a faulty modem cable that works alright at 300 bps but corrupts
> data at 9600 (this can happen if the signal ground wire comes adrift).

That's not the case, as I've mentioned it works under OS/2, so a hardware
failure can be excluded.

No, it was the wrong 'libtiff.so'! I installed version 3.5.3 with KDE 1.1.2
a few weeks ago and since then the problem arises.

Thanks to Helge Oldach <hmo@sep.hamburg.com> for this hint and for telling
me how to link HylaFAX statically against libtiff 3.4. That solved the
problem. It also worked with libtiff 3.5.1, but to be sure I use the latest
libtiff of the author of HylaFAX....

Thanks anyway - Matthias

Matthias Schuendehuette <matthias@mscu.snafu.de>
Solmsstrasse 44         Date: 16-Feb-00
D-10961 Berlin          Time: 11:46:28

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