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Code question: Unable to configure modem

I've had occasional "unable to configure modem for fax use" since I moved to
this HP machine here... that's not my question, however...

When I do get a modem timeout culminating in an "unable to configure"
situation, HylaFAX cancels the job outright, without a subsequent retry.
These situations, at least for me, are intermittent (and nothing that a
modem reset doesn't tend to fix).

I note in the code, faxd/FaxSend.c++ around line 132:

   if (!modem->faxService()) {
        sendFailed(fax, send_failed, "Unable to configure modem for fax

Why?  Why just punt at this point?  Is there any reason why this shouldn't
be a send_retry with an appropriate resend time?  If the modem is truly
broken, the whole thing's gonna retry-out anyway...

I notice there's a couple of other places this happens too, but the "unable
to configure" tends to bite me hard.  I'm trying a small hack to do the
retry, and seems to not damage things (unsure what to use for the retry
time, though).

Opinions?  Am I missing something?  Thanks in advance.

Alan Sparks, Principal Network Analyst       <asparks@cpd.harris.com>
Harris Corporation, Camarillo CA                   (805) 389-2430

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