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Re: spinning disk

> I have configured a fax server. Before hylafax was installed, this machine was
> able to spin down disks for more then five hours. Now every 24 minutes, disks

I'd question the wisdom of spinning disks down on any server machine, but,
if you want to, you should disable the spin down if it is spinning down
after only 24 minutes, as you are likely to exceed the disk's maximum
number of start-stop cycles whilst it is still, otherwise, in warranty.
I think spinning down every five hours might be pusbing the limit on
this - how many lap tops are used for five separate sessions a day.

Someone else also wanted to allow spindowns, and blamed Hylafax, but
it turned out that the disk was being woken up by syslog writing
MARK records.  Whilst I'm sure that Hylafax hasn't been specifically
designed to avoid touching the disks when waiting for the next job,
there are other things you should look at.

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