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Re: Switching the active modem?

Gerd wrote:
> Hello to the list,
> recently, a friend of mine managed to get HylaFax up and running.
> At his system, 2 modems are used, each with its own station/sender ID.
> Actually, everything works but he wants to be able to switch the modem
to be
> used for sending faxes in order to have the correct sender ID.
> How can this be achieved?
> Thank you very much for any hint in advance.
> Best regards
> Gerd
> P.S.: If it causes not too much inconvenience it would be very nice to
CC the
> answers also to ol1uw@nikocity.de .
> --
> Gerd Roethig
> Universitšt Leipzig, Medizinische Klinik u. PK I
> Johannisallee 32, 04103 Leipzig
> Tel. (0341) 97 12622, Fax (0341) 97 12515

Hi Gerd,

sendfax -h modem_name

man sendfax 

to get the details

c u 
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