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Re: spinning disk

Hi David,

Thanks for your reaction. I agree about the "wisdom". But I will be working at
sea for about 7 months and this server will then only be fax server for me to
reach my girfriend. That's why I wanted to spin down disks. I did not find the
problem but I think indeed it is not hylafax, I will search further...


On Wed, 16 Feb 2000, you wrote:
> > I have configured a fax server. Before hylafax was installed, this machine was
> > able to spin down disks for more then five hours. Now every 24 minutes, disks
> I'd question the wisdom of spinning disks down on any server machine, but,
> if you want to, you should disable the spin down if it is spinning down
> after only 24 minutes, as you are likely to exceed the disk's maximum
> number of start-stop cycles whilst it is still, otherwise, in warranty.
> I think spinning down every five hours might be pusbing the limit on
> this - how many lap tops are used for five separate sessions a day.
> Someone else also wanted to allow spindowns, and blamed Hylafax, but
> it turned out that the disk was being woken up by syslog writing
> MARK records.  Whilst I'm sure that Hylafax hasn't been specifically
> designed to avoid touching the disks when waiting for the next job,
> there are other things you should look at.

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