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Questions about hylafax server, faxgetty, etc.

Hello there,

First of all, hello to all users of this list I just joined!

Just a couple quick questions  about this great piece of software

1) I'm trying to use faxgetty to answer incoming data calls only (no
incoming fax)
    The problem is simple: it won't answer the phone when it rings.

2) When I run faxaddmodem, I never get to the end of the script because
it tells me it
     can't detect DTE-DCE speed. I tried to force it to 38400 but then I
just get some segmentation
    faults. I think the fact that I've never managed to run this script
to completion means that
    some important config files aren't being created.

3) When sending faxes from Win98 machines (I use Transcom WHFC), the
linux server dials
    and starts transmitting the fax, but on the remote fax, I just
receive the first quarter of the first
    page and the rest is blank. The amount that manages to get
transfered varies, because dialing
    to different fax machines I can transmit 3/4 of the page, but it
still ends up getting truncated.

   In etc/xferlog, I get different messages every time including:
        "Unable to transmit page (giving up after 3 attempts)"
        "No answer (T.30 T1 timeout)"
        "Unspecified Transmit Phase B error"
        "No response to EOP repeated 3 times"
        "Unknown problem (check modem power)"
    Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,

(please cc to raph@microtec.fr)

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