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Re: Problems with faxmail

Hi Florian,

"F. Meyer-Kassel" schrieb:
> Hi !
> Thanks for your answer, but I doubt that this is really the problem, because
> "mailfax" ain't nothing more than a shell-script which calls faxmail. I
> named them different so nobody will get confused... ;-)
> mailfax looks like this, only two lines:
> #! /bin/sh
> /usr/bin/faxmail -n -s a4 -Ml=.99 -d "$2" "$1"
> As you can see it doesn't do anything more than calling faxmail with some
> params....
> Greetings
> Florian

In my opinion you call faxmail twice. One call with sendmail and
one call with your script. Why do you do that?

For your help, a piece from my sendmail.cf which works fine:
Mfax,	P=/usr/local/bin/faxmail, F=DFMhu, S=14, R=24, M=100000,
	A=faxmail -d $u@$h $f


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