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Re: Hylafax and FreeBSD Ports

David Woolley:
>> September 1998. Instead of marking Hylafax bad it would obviously be a
>> better approach to upgrade the port to 4.1beta2.
>I disagree.  Going to a beta version should never be the preferred solution
>for security fixes.  Whether or not beta is a misnomer for some operating
>systems, it is not for the BSD team to make decisions on changing
>the release status of software.

You may have an opinion on the FreeBSD ports release process. But please
note that there are a *lot* of "beta" ports in the ports collection.
Also, please note that the tiff port is at version 3.5.3 (which is *not*
"beta") and collides heavily with hylafax 4.0PL2, as discussed on this

Obviously there is a mismatch between the tiff and the hylafax ports
that has to be resolved somehow. Going back to tiff-3.4 is certainly not
adequate as it impacts a lot of other ports as well. Consequently we
need to upgrade the hylafax port.

>Even Microsoft don't tell you to wait for the next version when there
>is a critical security fix.

Wrong. They do. However they are learning, and so this happens less

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