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Re: Converting to jpg

Hello Carsten,
in <38AC802E.74E3D2BD@guenthers.net> you wrote
>i have the problem to need the incoming faxes converted to jpg or any
>other format, which allows direct view of the faxes vie "normal"
>i've already looked around a bit to get an idea how to implement this
>funktion, but was'nt able to find a solution/hint so far.
>so whats needed is the function to convert all incoming faxes to jpg (or
>similar...) prior sending the fax as an attach to faxmaster (or
>already working is the FaxDispatch according notes /man-page to faxrcvd.
>i think that the neccessary changes have to be applied to the
>faxrcvd-script - has anybody accomplished this so far ??

I modified faxrcvd to do the following

- convert incoming faxes to pdf

- store pdf file readable for all into ../fax/recvq

- place links into notification mails like

recvq/fax00010.tif http://<myhost>/fax/recvq/fax00010.tif.pdf
Sender: +49 xxx xxxxxx
Pages: 1
Quality: Normal
Page: ISO A4
Received: 2000:02:16 09:57:44
TimeToRecv: 0:23
SignalRate: 14400 bit/s
DataFormat: 1-D MR
ReceivedOn: ttyS1
CommID:     c00000025 http://<myhost>/fax/log/c00000025

I made a directory 'fax' under my web servers html/root/
and made there the two symbolic links

lrwxrwxrwx   1 root root 18 Feb  8 01:28 log -> /var/spool/fax/log/
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root root 20 Feb  8 01:28 recvq -> /var/spool/fax/recvq/

Now, a user who was notified by mail (see above) needs only one mouse  
click to view the fax messages with his web browser, supposed he has the  
Acrobat Reader plugin installed. Another mouse click and he will get a  
hardcopy from his printer.

For me there was no need to send faxes via mail because all clients in my  
local network can access the web server wich is running on the same  
machine as hylafax.

I prefered pdf because it's easy to print and to forward (e.g. by mail).

>thanks for any hint !!
>best regards

If you like I'll send you the script.

hjb :-?

Hans-Juergen Beie <hjb@pollux.franken.de>

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