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Re: Converting to jpg

FYI - it's the other way round for Mac users.  Single page TIFF is OK (the
excellent "Graphic Converter" program will handle it.  Multi-page TIFFs (as
in faxes) are a pain.  However, since pdf is based on Postscript it has been
used on Macs for ages - pdf support would be very valuable.


on 19/2/00 11:27 am, David Woolley at david@djwhome.demon.co.uk wrote:

>> I prefered pdf because it's easy to print and to forward (e.g. by mail).
> Most business Windows users don't have Acrobat (MS doesn't want to
> encourage competitors to Word as a portable document format), but
> do have the tools for viewing TIFF fax images.

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