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help with "DCS sent 3 times" error

dear flex/hyla fax people,

i am having 2 small problems with my installation.

my setup:

* Redhat Linux 6.1
* HylaFAX v4.1beta1
* 2 x Dynalink 1456VQE-R1 modems (conexant acf II chipsets)

both modems work for incoming/outgoing data calls using faxgetty / mgetty.

problem 1:
when sending an outgoing fax like so -

sendfax -n -h ttyS1@localhost -d 3XXXXXXX /path/to/myfile.ps

i get an extra blank page tacked onto the end.

problem 2:
when (attempting) to receive a fax, i get:

RECV FAX : begin
REMOTE HANGUP : Unspecified Receive Phase B error (code 70)

in the log.

any help with either of these problems would be greatly appreciated.
if any more information is required i will post it to the list.



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