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faxsend still 0x9, got tiff 3.4

Hi, I'm trying to run a newly compiled v4.0pl2 on SCO 5.0.4 with the
leap-year patch (Tuesday the 29th is getting too close for comfort :-)

The servers start fine, I can submit jobs fine, but when FaxQueuer submits
the job, I get:
FaxQueuer[9641]:JOB 7:Send program terminated abnormally with exit status 0x9
(OK, so 0x9 according to <errno.h> is "Bad File Number")

So I've searched the list archives and found the suggestion that new
versions of libtiff may be causing the problem.
But this version is definitely definitely compiled with 
tiff-v3.4 (tiff-v3.4beta035)

I've got the logging turned high, but there's no sign of faxsend running,
and no log file is generated in spool/log/
The document files appear correctly in spool/docq/

Ummm, any ideas anyone ?
Alastair Broom               Valley Technology, Edinburgh, Bonnie Scotland

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