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faxstat problem (DNS/IP related?)

We write software for other companies and have incorporated Hylafax into
our software.  Basically, we allow users to run a report to a window on
their screen, to a printer, or to a fax.  One of our customers recently
moved their computer from one building to another, and therefore onto a
different part of their network.  Since that time, hylafax does not seem
to work.  The faxstat command returns no output whatsoever.  I was not
onsite, but the only things they say they have changed were in
/etc/rc.config.d/netconf and /etc/hosts.  Both of these files seem to be
ok, when compare to the old files.  Starting and stopping the hylafax
daemons, and enabling/disabling the modems seem to run fine, but the
faxstat command returns nothing.  The customer does have DNS running.
The /etc/hosts file does contain the localhost entry.

We are running Hylafax Version 4.0pl2 on HPUX 11.0.

cust@CUSTHP> more /var/opt/hylafax/etc/hosts

cust@CUSTHP> telnet localhost 4559
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.
130 Warning, no inverse address mapping for client host name
220 CUSTHP.division.customer.com server (HylaFAX (tm) Version 4.0pl2)
221 Goodbye.
Connection closed by foreign host.

I have searched through the mailing list archives and the FAQ, but
haven't had any luck.   Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  If
you don't mind, I would also request that you email a copy of your
response to me directly.   Thanks in advance.


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