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Re: How convert pcl to postscript?

Hello Schirrmacher,
in <000901bf7d2b$691c6ec0$c299343e@mike> you wrote
>I want to convert my pcl-printing to postscript automaticly to fax it
>directly with hyla. Is there a tool anywhere?

I searched for such a beast a few months ago. I found 2 or 3 commercial  
tools, each for a few hundereds of $s. I even checked out a demo version  
of one of these tools (not for use with HylaFax): it worked, but the  
results.... hmm... it wasn't that what I had expected (the pcl print-out  
was bad, not the conversion tool).

In other words, if you'll spend some money there is something.
If you don't want to pay... ?


hjb :-?

Hans-Juergen Beie <hjb@pollux.franken.de>

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