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Re: How convert pcl to postscript?

> >I want to convert my pcl-printing to postscript automaticly to fax it
> >directly with hyla. Is there a tool anywhere?

There are some comercial tools. One problem is that you need to "build" your 
printing system yourself, since there are no plug-and-play tools (=needs 
modifing hylafax). More important is that you need to use bitmap printing in 
your software if possible. Some PCL converters can't even render vector 
graphics (and none HPGL/2 as far as I known) properly. I search for several 
month so far and found only two companys that sells the required software. 
You can find them at www.pcltools.com and www.visual.co.uk

One last note. All these tools doesn't convert pcl to postscript. They 
convert pcl output to tiff files that can be used directly with hylafax. If 
you would like to print from a windows client you may look at whfc 

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