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sco5 binaries with leap year patch

Anyone got a tar of Hylafax binaries _with_the_leap-year_patch_applied_
for SCO 5.0.4 that I could "borrow" (in time for Tues 29th Feb) ?

I've tried compiling my own using two different verions of egcs/g++ but
the faxsend jobs always bombs out with error 0x9:
HylaFAX[11274]: <--- 200 Job 4 submitted.
FaxQueuer[10906]: JOB 4: Send program terminated abnormally with exit
                         status 0x9

It seems to be the execv of the faxsend program that fails - I think it
has to be the system libraries that I'm linking to...

Anyone ?
Alastair Broom               Valley Technology, Edinburgh, Bonnie Scotland

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