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Re: NEVERMIND sco5 binaries with leap year patch

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000, Alastair Broom wrote:

> the faxsend jobs always bombs out with error 0x9:
> HylaFAX[11274]: <--- 200 Job 4 submitted.
> FaxQueuer[10906]: JOB 4: Send program terminated abnormally with exit
>                          status 0x9
> It seems to be the execv of the faxsend program that fails - I think it
> has to be the system libraries that I'm linking to...
Nevermind, panic over, ho hum, sorry to trouble you...
I eventually traced the problem to the fact I had the compression 
library, libz.so, installed in /usr/local/lib/ with the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
variable set so the dynamic linker could find it.

hfaxd and faxq found libz.so no problem, but when faxq execv'd the faxsend
to actually transmit the job, faxsend didn't get the environment so the
dynamic linker couln't find libz.so
This also explains why faxsend ran perfectly from the command line.
So I made a soft link from /usr/lib/libz.so to /usr/local/lib/libz.so
and everything works fine now...

Oh well.  Only 5 panic-stricken days to find it as feb 29 got ever closer
Alastair Broom               Valley Technology, Edinburgh, Bonnie Scotland

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