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Re: sendfax: -a seems to be ignored

On Wed, 23 Feb 2000 16:09:30 +0100, hai scritto:

>does anybody know about a problem with "sendfax -a 20:00 -d 123 ~/blah" ?
>sendfax ignores the time without giving me hints about a mistake. sendfax

It works for me (linux 2.2.14, 4.1b2)

$ /usr/bin/sendfax -a 20:45 -d 0123456 myfile
request id is 58 (group id 58) for host localhost (1 file)
$ fax -sl
HylaFAX scheduler on XXX: Running
Modem ttyS2 (+XXXXXX): Waiting for modem to come ready
JID Date       Time     S  Owner Number         Pages Dials Status
58  2000/02/23 20.45.00 P     go 0123456         0:0   0:12
$ date
Wed Feb 23 19:40:22 MET 2000

"fax" is just a wrapper for faxstat, to put the labels on the date and
time fields (faxstat does not like %Y macro).


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