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Re: help!!

i think you have the same chip in your modem that I do.

to solve: remove the line in your config.ttyS0 file that has
"<19200><xon>" (or comment out with a # in front).

i hope this helps.


On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, wingchunkuen wrote:

> Dear expert:
> I attach the config.ttyS0 and the log of one of the failed faxes.
> PS: When I use " tail -f /var/log/messages "  to monitor the status, it says
>     HylaFAX[582]: Filesystem has sysV-style file creation semantics
> FaxQueuer[518]: SUBMIT JOB 5
>     FaxGetty[560]: Answer : Can not lock modem device
>     FaxSend[583]: MODEM ROCKWELL AC/K56/V2.200-V90_2M_DLS
>     FaxSend[583]: SEND FAX : JOB 5 DEST 87654321 COMMID 00000007
> FaxQueuer[518]:  Notify : bin/notify "doneq/q5" "done" "0:22"
> FaxQueuer[518]:  Bad exit status 041400 for "bin/notify "doneq/q5" "done"
> "0:22""
>     FaxGetty[560]:  MODEM ROCKWELL AC/K56/V2.200-V90_2M_DLS

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