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Re: modem (2.0): canīt receive from Class1-machines

Ekkard Gerlach <SPS_Gerlach@online.de> writes:

> please help to make another modem (AROWANA, TI-Chipset)
> work with linux. There's (seems to be) no support of this modem 
> worldwide so far. Nearly all functions work !!!! I will
> make the solution public as soon as faxes from Class-1
> machines are possible!

That's nonsence -- "class" defines interface between DCE (modem) and DTE
(computer) and thus is not applicable to stand-alone fax machines, though
both fax machines and modems should comply to G3 specifications (ITU T.30
and T.4 standards).

> My "AROWANA"-modem with TI-Chipset 56K/ Class2.0 does not
> want to recognise faxes from an about 6 years old manual 
> paper fax machine (may be Class1?) when FAA=1 
> (auto-detection of data or fax) is set. The other way round
> AROWANA-Modem can send a fax to the old fax machine
> with initial configuration of Class2.0 . 
> While trying to receive a fax the modem seems not be able
> to decide whether it is a Data oder Fax Connection. 
> In /var/log/messages are *NO* messages during the old fax
> machine and the modem are trying handshake. After about 40
> seconds of trying to make handshake, the modem detects 
> "Data Connection": but it's a FAX !!!!
> Feb 24 19:15:01 rex FaxGetty[1044]: --> [4:RING]
> Feb 24 19:15:01 rex FaxGetty[1044]: MODEM input buffering enabled
> Feb 24 19:15:48 rex FaxGetty[1044]: ANSWER: DATA CONNECTION
> Feb 24 19:15:48 rex FaxGetty[1044]: GETTY: START "/usr/sbin/mgetty -r -b
> -s 115200 ttyS1", pid 1117
> (BTW: it doesnīt mind which kind getty ..)
> Has somebody an idea where I can search ?

Invoke minicom and initialize the modem with

When an incoming call (from your 6-years old fax machine) will arrive, the
modem will print RING message. Issue ATA and see how the modem reports the
type of connection. If it prints +FDM, you have no way around -- the bug is 

Hope to hear from you soon,

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