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New install - Solaris


I'm new to HylaFAX and would really appreciate some help, system is as
following: -


USR V.Everything

Solaris 2.6
gcc 2.8.1
hylafax v4.0p12

using Class 2.0, default flow control, 9600 baud (until I can get it

The problem is communication with the modem, dont't seem to get anywhere

past "Waiting for modem to come ready" or "modem appears to be wedged"

It is definately something to do with the softwares communication with
the modem as I've used the verbose arguments to the commands and also
trussed (traced) the faxq process to see what it is doing, but I'm no C

If anyone has any specific problems that occur when using this
configuration could you reply with the details, and if anyone thinks
they can help, but need more information please reply.  Any help would
be appreciated.



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