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USR modem issues


Does anyone have the following configuration and can help me out: -

Solaris 2 on SPARC hardware
USR Courier V.Everything modem
HylaFAX 4.0

I really need to get this up today, so if anyone can help out here, I'd
be very grateful.

I'm having great difficulty making the Sun server talk to the USR
V.Everything modem.  I can talk to the modem directly via cu or tip and
have no problems with any of the strings I have found that hylafax uses.

The furthest the fax goes is into the queue, it the sits there while the
status changes to initializing modem...
...then after a few minutes, goes back to the "Waiting for modem to come
ready" status and the fax is in the queue.  There is no messages in the
logs indicating any problems, apart from the "MODEM /dev/cua/b appears
to be wedged" message.

I have read that if you have a Sun machine that uses a splitter cable
for serial a and b (because the is only 1 physical port) and you have a
modem attached for use with hylafax, you cannot use both ports.  If
there is any truth in this can someone please tell me.

Thanks in advance,



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