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using multiple modems with hylafax

Hi everyone,

im trying to use two modems (elsa tqv33.6) concurrently

if i run faxgetty/faxmodem on either hylafax works fine, so both are
When i run faxgetty/faxmodem on both hylafax uses only one of them, while
the other just sits there and idles.
Why is that? i had thought that with 2 modems available to it hylafax
would be able to use both concurrently.

any help would be appreciated

Arne Hueggenberg
Products & Development
* ID-PRO GmbH Arnsberg
* Tel: +49 (0)2932 - 916 - 0
* Fax: +49 (0)2932 - 916 - 230
* mailto:hueggenberg@ID-PRO.de
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