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Class 2 ModemDialCmd: line missing

	had a  person on the SuSE thread who could not get HylaFax working
under SuSE 6.4, with HylaFax 4.1 beta 2 .  But he finally got it working.

	Turns out that the 
ModemDialCmd:  line was missing in the 

/var/spool/fax/etc/modem.config for class 2
modems .  The person had a Supra 56e.

	Apparantly, he added the line, and now he is faxing.

	I had someone mention to me before that they did not have this line for
class 2 and they faxed just fine.
	I know that HylaFax has a default ModemDialCmd, so if the command is
not present, it will still dial.
	What I don't understand, is why this would interfere with someones
faxing.  And why this line is not present for class 2 modems?


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