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Re: SOLVED Re: tiff-3.5-interfaces.patch error

>>>>> On Wed, 24 May 2000, "Lee" == Lee Howard wrote:

  +> There is also a bad bug in tiff 3.5.4 which causes the application to
  +> crash when presented with a corrupt tiff file - it is probably better for
  +> redhat 6.2 users to downgrade the tiff library for to 3.4 until redhat or
  +> someone else release a 3.5.5 rpm.

  Lee> RedHat just released libtiff-3.5.5 RPM yesterday.  So... anybody want to
  Lee> make a current RPM?  Dare we call it beta3?  Let's see... I may consider
  Lee> making the RPM myself, but I haven't ever gotten a sucessful RPM build
  Lee> (although I've usually been successful with make installs).

The good folks at hylafax.org helped squeeze that libtiff update out of RedHat, and some of them are hard at work prepping a new RPM for y'all. Well, OK, just me ;-)

I'm not prepared to release it generally, but I am looking for a few people to put it somewhere it's going to get hammered for a few days. Volunteers? ;-) Mail me off-list please.


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