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RE: Viewer for ms-windows

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> Behalf Of Michael Stöckel

> I have to pay 40 $ to Gsview-company to get rid of the registration-screen
> So I asked for a free viewer without registration dialog (and 14 MB wasted
> hd-space).

this is from readme.txt from my gsview version (it has no registration fee,
there are at least two different liceneced versions of gsview)

The latest version of GSview should be available from

Copyright, Licensing and Donations
GSview is copyright by Russell Lang.
GSview is distributed with the GSview Free Public Licence.
This licence is contained in the file LICENCE.
The GSview Free Public Licence does not require any payment to the author;
however the author would welcome any donations to cover costs and time
involved in developing and maintaining GSview.  These may be sent to


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