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RE: White space gets removed

> At 04:35 AM 6/1/2000 Dave Kempe sez:
> >Hi,
> >Got a problem when printing thru WHFC to hylafax. Say if you print form a
> >word document, it seems to remove all the white space in the
> document. An A4
> >document comes out about 10cm big with all the lines jammed up
> against each
> >other and the footer jammed up against the bottom of the document. What
> >option can I restore WYSIWG with? Is there something im doing
> wrong. USing
> >the Apple 16/600 PS print driver. Is there a simple setting i can tweak
> >somewhere?
> What happens when you use the plain old Apple Laserwriter driver in
> Windows? This one seems to work for me.
Yeah sure it works for me. It works fine if the document has continuous
graphic or text down the page. But if there is gap in the page, say between
the end of the text and the footer, then it compresses the white space into
nothing, and the what was an A4 page gets compressed into about 10cm high..
very messy. It seems to detect the gap in the white space and just chop it
out. Documents that have no white space in gaps vertically down the page
print fine thru WHFC...

any suggestions?


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