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faxcron report incomplete

At the end of each daily faxcron report I always get this:

Nothing to purge in info directory.
Truncate merged session logs older than 30 days:
Nothing to purge in receive queue.
Nothing to purge in the tmp directory.
Destinations being rejected (added since 06/01/00 04:02):

However, rejected destinations have, in fact, been added.

Could this be a permissions problem?

I am guessing that the

faxcron is being run as root (in cron.daily) with no arguments.

In config, I have,

        DestControls:           etc/destcontrols

And the destcontrols file has been expanded since the last time faxcron was 

Any ideas?

Paul Franz

PAF Consulting Engineers       |  427 - 140th Ave NE
(425)641-8202 voice            |  Bellevue, WA 98005
(801)749-8480 fax              |  <http://blackdog.bellevue.wa.us/>

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