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[hylafax-users] sendfax not sending faxes

hylafax-users,                 Monday, June 05, 2000

  I work for a company that uses hylafax to deliver faxes (hmm who
woulda thought?) and recently (last week) the hylafax process on a
machine called members began prompting the machine called MX1 for a
password where it never did before. I don't have any idea why this
happened and I could use some pointers.
   In an attempt to "fix" the situation I removed hylafax from the
members machine and reinstalled it to no avail. Currently sendfax
appears to complete normally but the document never makes it to the
modem so I'm thinking something is awry in the document preparation
process. The jobs get sent to the docq directory and I have noticed
that two faxq processes exist at some points (until I kill the all the
faxq/hfaxd servers and restart them) with one of the faxq processes
chewing up some serious resources.
   I've never used hylafax or ghostscript (or any other postscript
application) before so this is all a learning process. I looked around
on the website but I can't find help there for my problem.
   The machines are FreeBSD 3.4-RELEASE i386's and are running hylafax
v4.0pl2. The modems are MultiTech 28.8 Data/FAX modems. Can someone
shed some light on this problem (and hopefully offer some guidance)
for me? 


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