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[hylafax-users] Re: pardon my ignorance: can hylafax add accounting codes for long-distance

-bill- <bill@TechServSys.com> writes:

> We have not implemented hylafax yet but I need to know the following so I can
> try to figure out a workaround if this can not be set up in the dialing rules.
> When we dial a long-distance call we need to enter an accounting code 2 seconds
> after we finish dialing the phone number: eg:  9, 1-517-555-1212,399
> where commas mean a 3 second pause.
> I know that I can configure the dialing rules to add the "9," but is there a way
> to have the rules notice that the number is long distance and add the accounting
> code (",399") too ?

Yes, it's possible. man 5f dialrules and construct necessary conversion
rules -- in your case something like
^${LDPrefix}(.*) = 9,&,399

Hope to hear from you soon,

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