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[hylafax-users] Re: Viewer for ms-windows

> thanks for your hints. Finally the link ftp://ftp.cs.wisc.edu/ghost/rjl/
> worked but the file was absent. Scanning the filename gsview.zip

The file name includes the version, and the ghostscript web site contains
a link to the latest version.  http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/

> I found another version (dated 1996) which didn't need a registration fee
> and made the task.

The newest released version is from May this year.  Old versions may need
a correspondingly old ghostscript.

> I assume only newer versions need a registration fee.

The newest released version (2.9) doesn't require a registration fee.  I
think the beta for the next version may include such a request, however
I think anyone who downloads time limited betas, thinking they are the
current released version, ought to be paying for support, anyway.

One needs to realise that, viewed from a cost point of view, rather than
what the market will bear, the main cost for most commercial software
is that of providing support for the users.

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