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[hylafax-users] Re: Mailfax Gateway, which Rewriting rule should be use?

gliu> I want to use faxmail to deliver an email from the address like
gliu> 1233@fax.myrealdomain to the fax number 1233 via george@1233.FAX. The
gliu> pseudo-domain FAX is default in hylafax as MUA fax. I re-wrote the
gliu> ruleset 3 in sendmail.cf with the following

gliu> R$-@fax.myrealdomain 	< george @ $1 .FAX. >

This doesn't look correct.  Assuming you are using m4 to generate a
sendmail.cf and *NOT* hand editing your .cf file, it should be:

R$+ < @ fax.myrealdomain . >	$: george < @ $1 . FAX . >

gliu> That works in testing rule :   sendmail -bt 

gliu> And also works for sending fax from the localhost : localhost# mail
gliu> 1234

gliu> But it doesn't work for receiving emails outside the localhost. The
gliu> destination goes to local delivery instead of fax delivery.

Sounds like you didn't restart the running daemon so it is using an older

Of course, you didn't give us real data so we can't check if DNS is setup

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